Providing Data Solutions for
Certificate of Need Related Projects

Every Service starts as a Solution...

Since 2002 we've been creating solutions for Clients to increase accuracy and efficiency of CON-Related data projects.

From our first project automating MRI physician commitment form creation, to our most recent project of creating a web-based solution for determining Michigan facilities with available Surgical Cases, our consultants have spent over a decade solving problems and using our familiarity with the Certificate of Need regulations to provide a specialized skill set that our clients can rely on.

Sample Services

New Data Services are continuously being added as the need arises.  Please feel free to contact us about a service not listed and a solution can be created to meet your needs.

  • MRI Quarterly Data Reporting Services
  • Adjusted Procedure Calculations
  • Data Analysis and Physician Commitment Form Creation for MRI, CT, and OR CON Applications
  • Mapping and Data Analysis for all other CON covered services

Latest News

MRI Data Reporting

New updates added to

  • Improvements to edit physician information.
  • New Administrator pages.
  • Administrator report features with custom spreadsheet exports available.

Surgical Services

Currently working on Surgical Services web-based system:

  • Calculate Available Surgical Cases and Hours.
  • Find Available Cases and Hours within a radius with mapping feature.
  • Convenient spreadsheet with all physician cases and hours.

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